new media… form not content

a. new media forms need to design and configure their audiences in new ways

b. new media forms – games, social media – are their audiences (explained below).

c. new media forms are instantiated through a diverse range of cognitive, imaginative and physical responses / stimuli… message posting, commenting, sharing, virtual shooting / driving / puzzle solving, along with video and photograph making, location tagging, etc. Many social and games media forms are a bundling or interweaving of these activities (chat over Xbox, games on Facebook, games and instrumental apps using GPS, etc.) and often relatively easy to add and mix these features (this underpins DanceTag) so challenge for designers is not so much, or not only, to create a new product, artefact or channel as to black box existing ones with an engaging premise and invite or coerce participation.

d. picking up on the physical activities and practices, this particular app configures its users as dancers – but what kind of dancer?