screaming, shouting YES!!!

Feedback from the 2BU test conducted by Joe Ryan:

2BU Dance Tag Notes

  1. 1.     If there was an app that enabled you to do all of this with anyone without uploading separately to YouTube, would you download it? Would you pay for it? How much?

2BU offered a resounding, screaming, shouting YES!!!! to the first question. They suggested that the app should fit all smart phones – Apple, Android and Blackberry, to maximise engagement, and because there were currently some apps available that they couldn’t play with their friends because their friends had different phones.

The idea of an app such as this really excited 2BU. They immediately wanted to know when it would be available.

2BU said that they wouldn’t pay for the app –they don’t pay for any apps. As students, they don’t really have the money to, but they said that they wouldn’t mind an app that had ads on it.

  1. 2.     How did you respond to films of a different length?

2BU preferred longer films. They felt that there was more of an opportunity to explore the space with a longer film.

  1. 3.     Did you go away and use it away from your dance company? If so, with whom?

They didn’t, but they would certainly use the app with their friends and family, and they would also persuade their dance teachers at school to let them use it in lessons.

  1. 4.     Do you like it better with or without music? If with music, would you prefer to use your own music or choose from a library of music?

For 2BU, it really depended on the task that they were given. If the task involved improvising, or exploring a space they’d never seen before, they preferred it without music. If they were going to a space with some choreography already in mind, they preferred to use music.

They suggested a mixture of a library of music and using your own – like Spotify (where you can merge the music on your phone/computer with everything available in that programme).

  1. 5.     What are the best bits of the film (upload, watch, challenge, rate, retag)? Are any of those choices not interesting? Are there other things you’d like to be able to do?

2BU loved all elements of the idea. They suggested that you should be able to rate a group’s profile based on all of the videos they have uploaded, as well as rating the individual videos. They also suggested that the person who “takes over” a certain area is the one who has been rated most highly, and not the most recent person to have been there.