a composite image: on the left a detail of a postcard, circa 1905, of three young girls standing by a wooden framed swing in a park. On the right a dynamic shot of a young girl on Lightbug, an experimental interactive swing featuring LED lights

technology and play

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Playground equipment: postdigital design and the mechanics of history, urban space, and play. Space and Culture 27(2). Open access: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/12063312231213261 From a special issue ‘Cities as Playgrounds / Playgrounds as Cities: Rethinking urban play, civic engagement and socio-spatiality’, edited by Hugh Davies, Larissa Hjorth, and Sybille Lammes.

Why look at toy animals? Play, protopolitics and the postnatural. Cultural Politics 20(1). Free Access for 3 months: