gender gamified

From a discussion on following the redesign of female soldiers in Warface for the Russian market, apparently based on a survey of Russian players. Male soldiers in body armour, female soldiers with cleavage and arched backs… This particular exchange jumped out at me, WFROSE’s apparently serious and well-meaning transduction of sexual differences (both biological and cultural) into game qualities and settings:
phocjame ULuke Plunkett
Just out of interest, what exactly is the point of having female avatars to begin with if they’re essentially just going to be slightly thinner versions of the males with higher voices? Yesterday 12:00am
WFROSE Uphocjame

Dunno, different skill sets, possibly higher gains from health packs (women respond to endorphin better than men, thus med kits with pain reducers could show a slightly higher benefit). They could have higher focus (studies on female fighter pilots have shown they on average track more targets at once than males do). Lighter weight and lighter musculature could mean less gear, thus more applicable as subterfuge and stealth units. Higher flexibility in general means greater potential agility that can be use to move faster from cover to cover . Lower center of balance (when their chest isn’t bouncing everywhere) also adds agility. Potential higher emotional maturity and empathy can assist moral and group cohesion. Women on average have better hearing than men, so playing as a woman may give exclusive cues to situations like a potential ambush. Women in general have better night vision and a higher capacity to see towards the red end of the light spectrum, so a game can be adapted visually to accommodate this ability. Women generally have better visual memory and can remember a higher number of details of their environment.

I can go on and on about this, and guys have their own set of particular talents (higher physical endurance, strength, stamina, durability, better body temperature regulation due to musculature having more arteries and viens, greater depth perception, higher spacial navigation capacity, etc.) So instead of trying to visually differentiate them, how about working in differences through gameplay? Yesterday 12:55am